About Us

We started out in a garage, with repurposed vintage pieces, house paint, and a vision.  LX3’s focus has always been on working with materials that reflect tradition, individuality, and culture. What matters to us is a pieces relationship to its surrounding – offering something tangible and meaningful. Although a lot of what we do is filling the basic needs of the market, our goal is to change the perceptions of sustainability in fashion.

As fashion endures as one of the most important industries for internal and external expression, a new semiotic future in expressing identity and beauty within a sustainable framework is needed.

We want to push back on predetermined and generic design as it reduces the world into simple narratives when what is needed is purpose, context and a sense of reality. Fashion isn’t just about a collection or images to be commodified, but rather a mediator of social relationships, an expressive outlet, a story teller… and this can only be done through specific and considered design.

The idea with LX3 was to not only show what is possible thru our expressive lens, but to create physical manuscripts sharing our experience the future of design and sustainability can look like- dynamic, ornate, expressive and, ultimately, original.

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