Our Story

We started out in a garage with vintage Levi’s, local ambition, and house paint. We’ve always wanted to translate our art through fashion. To us fashion isn’t just about a collection or campaigns quickly churned out to be commodified…we see it as a mediator of social relationships, an expressive filter, a story teller, and ultimately a display of intention. 

Our curiosity turned into years of creative exploration, failures, lessons, and discoveries.

We took our time sourcing materials that reflect purpose, functionality, and quality. After designing our first pieces we spent more time refining their silhouettes. Throughout the process we worked with local craftsmen and craftswomen who centered their values around experience, hard work, and the cultural knowledge that has been passed on to them.

This network would eventually become the foundation of our brand 

LX3 is a new take on love—Love through purposeful work,

Love through action. 

Our goal is to gradually grow the number of people who can relate to our idea of living life—by taking care of oneself through dignity, pride, and care to completion—embracing the traditions of true artists & craftsmen. 

Our Fabrics

We source our fabrics from a select handful of the best mills, tanneries, and boutique fabric manufacturers around the world. 

While our garment production remains local and domestic to the state of New York, we make sure our fabrics are produced and woven in the country of origin.

We look to incorporate as many sustainable practices as possible within our supply chain with the ultimate goal of becoming a zero-waste company within the next 7 years. 

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